RIGHTECH is a technical staffing company with over 20 years of experience supporting nationwide structured cabling, security/fire, audio/visual, electrical, telecom, and network infrastructure projects.

RIGHTECH has a nationwide extended mobile workforce of over 25,000 technical personnel that we can call on to fill your positions quickly. These projects can be virtually anywhere in the country support the deployment of numerous technologies. We support hundreds of client projects that involve the installation, testing, and troubleshooting of client infrastructure systems and other related technologies. These national deployment projects can range from as little as one week in duration to unlimited ongoing status.


At RIGHTECH, our mission to to Work Harder For You, we accomplish this in through the following methods:

  • We prepare our technical personnel even before we have an open position:
    • RIGHTECH does not just recruit for on-going position; we make sure that all of our candidates in our database have their information as up-to-date as possible. Other firms tend to limit their focus and screening to resume buzzwords and neglect the importance of conceptual consideration.
  • We have senior technical recruiters working in-house:
    • Other firms hire junior-level and offshore recruiters to cut costs and save money, Our technical recruiters are trained to find the best fit vs. first fit. This is why our client satisfaction is high and they have an ongoing relationship with us.
  • We do not just pull candidates from job boards and cold-call them:
    • RIGHTECH has a nationwide extended mobile workforce of over 25,000 technical personnel that we can call on to fill your positions fast.
  • We have proactive account management:
    • At RIGHTECH, we keep in touch with our technical personnel and clients well after a project to assist in any way we can. Our relationships always run deeper than one project, We remain actively involved from a project’s start date to end date. Other firms throw associates at clients and then disappear. When problems occur, they are nowhere to be found, but will only call upon you for additional business. RIGHTECH only supports specific industries. By focusing on these industries, we have become specialists in placing qualified technical personnel on customer projects. We understand the differences and nuances in each different technology and client requirement. We utilize an innovative and thorough screening process to evaluate candidates’ skills to ensure their technical knowledge meets your requirements. We do not waste your time by making you review resumes of associates that do not match your requirements.